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N6ACA's ham shack

I keep saying this, but I really will be adding more info to this page very soon.

If for some reason you want to find out more about me check out my biograpy or read my blog. I also have ham radio twitter handle for items directly related to Amateur Radio, Space and Wireless technologies: https://twitter.com/N6ACA

Here is some more info on my QTH (click here)

I'm mainly interested in APRS right now, but as I have more time available I'm interested in exploring more digital modes like PSK31.

I was operating my truck as a mobile APRS setup using a few different pieces of inexpensive hardware up until December 2008. I occasionally install a temporary setup in different vehicles when I want to play around with the hardware, but I do not have a permanent setup right now.

You can see the position of this vehicle through these websites:

You can see my mobile TCP/IP gateway (iPad and Android tablets) through these websites:

Here are some Amateur Radio related pages that I've written:

A few ham sites that I enjoy going to include: