N6ACA-9 Truck Install

I've been running this configuration in my truck for a while now. I figured I might as well document it.

Here are the components:

It took a bit of time to figure out all the routing, but the basic power schematic looks like this:

Larsen Glassmount Dual Band Antenna

The Larsen Glass Mount Antenna

External Speaker for the rig

The External Speaker for the Rig purchased at Fry's

gps and antenna mount

The Duleo GPS Puck Mounted inside the rear pop-out window hidden mount of tinytrack and radio

The hidden compartment mount of the TinyTrak3Plus and the radio under the back seat of the extracab. It is mounted on the fiberboard top to the rear compartment, so when the lid is installed, no rig is visible and the rear seat can flip down.

dashboard view with remote head

The view of the Kenwood G707A remote head mounted on the dashboard under the stereo

mobile power schematic

Schematic of the power configuration in the vehicle

mobile power switches for rig and gps

The mobile power switches for the Kenwood Rig and TinyTrak/GPS

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