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The N6ACA QTH is located in Pleasanton, California, which is in Alameda County and in Maidenhead grid square CM97bq. On the roof I have an Arrow OSJ 146/440 Open Stub J-Pole Antenna. This antenna is fed by LMR-400 to the Garage, where the majority of my equipment is located. Various computer equipment and receivers are scattered about the workbench. From the roof I have a clear shot at W6CX repeater, which I often listen to while commuting.

I am in the process of doing some experiments in regards to "stealthy" antennas for HF to make the XYL happy.

On-Site links to electronic equipment manuals

  • MFJ-971
  • Radio Shack HTX-100
  • Alinco DJ-S1
  • Kenwood G-707A
  • RadioShack Pro 2037
  • ICOM PRC1500 Receiver
  • Small Wonder Labs Warbler PSK-80
  • Counter